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Resolve Bookings with a "Conflict" Status on the Web App

In the Web App, you may find your recurring reservation created with a"Conflict" status. This status indicates one or more of the following things have occured:

  • One or more bookings were made for a space that has been reserved by another user.
  • One or more bookings were made outside of building hours (weekends, after hours, etc.)

In order to correct this status, you will need to edit your existing reservation and book a different room that is available at the specified time. To edit and resolve reservation in "Conflict":

  1. Navigate to My Events from either the sidebar or the Menu Button.


  2. Click the name of the reservation with the status of "Conflict".


  3. Review the bookings and identify which booking has a "Conflict" status.
  4. Click the Pencil Icon to begin editting the booking with the "Conflict" status.


  5. Click Search to begin finding a different space.


  6. Click the Plus Icon to add and replace the existing space.


  7. Click "Update Subject/MEssage & Notify Attendees" or "Update Booking(s)".


  8. Confirm the booking's status has changed from "Conflict" to "Confirmed".