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Space Use Guidelines

  • Please adhere to the Procedures Concerning the Use of Campus Facilities.

  • Keep all spaces clean and orderly. All items including trash, food, and drinks should be removed prior to vacating the room.

  • Include time for setup and teardown for your meeting/event in your room reservation.

  • Cancel your reservation if you no longer need it to allow others to use the space.

  • If you are making a reservation in a secured building or outside building hours, please submit a work order to Facilities Lock & Access shop for access. Please do NOT submit the request until your room request is confirmed.

  • Please remember to close the door after use. 

  • Room Equipment:

    • Any equipment in the room including remotes and adapters should not be removed, reconfigured or damaged.

    • Turn off equipment when no longer needed and return any equipment you checked out.

    • Do not obstruct the automatic blinds as that could result in costly damage.

  • Reservation Requests & Approval:

    • If you room reservation request requires approval, please allow up to 3 days for response.

    • Room Approvers reserve the right to change/cancel room reservation requests based on priority need, and you may be required to make alternate arrangements

    • For access to the lactation rooms, please reach out to Human Resources